971 MMA & Fitness Academy

Mounir Lazzez

Mounir "The Sniper" Lazzez:
The Heart of 971 MMA & Fitness Academy

Owner & Pro Team Coach

About Mounir Lazzez:

Mounir Lazzez, known as "The Sniper," is a star in the UFC and a hero to many around the world. Born in Tunisia, he's fought his way to the top with hard work and a big heart. His exciting fighting style and knockout power have won him fans everywhere.

How He Trains

Never Give Up

At the heart of Lazzez's training is a steadfast spirit. He believes in pushing through, no matter what.

Always Learning

Constantly evolving, Lazzez proves there’s always room to grow, adopting new techniques to stay at the forefront.

Mind Over Matter

Strategic and thoughtful, he emphasizes the importance of mental preparation alongside physical training.

Coaching Style

Precision and passion define Lazzez’s approach, aiming to empower his students with the knowledge and resilience to succeed both in the ring and in life.

Success Stories

With a dazzling UFC debut and numerous victories, "The Sniper" has quickly become a legend, embodying the spirit of a true champion with each fight.

What Drives Him: "Whatever It Takes" Philosophy

Lazzez lives by a "Whatever It Takes" philosophy. This mindset isn’t just about winning fights; it's about overcoming any obstacle, in training, in competition, or in life. He instills this belief in his students, teaching them to meet challenges head-on with courage and determination.

Personal Touch

More than a fighter, Lazzez is a community figure and a mentor, deeply connected to his roots and always looking to give back, embodying the virtues of humility and respect.

Vision for Students

01. Be Your Best

Lazzez encourages his students to aim for greatness, embodying his "Whatever It Takes" attitude.

02. Smart Fighting

Strategy over strength, he coaches his students to think and act with intention.

03. Stay Strong

Building resilience, Lazzez supports his students to become robust in the face of adversity.

04. Build a Legacy

He inspires students to pursue their own paths to success, motivated by his journey and unwavering philosophy.

Mounir Lazzez is not just a UFC fighter; he's a visionary leader at 971 MMA & Fitness Academy, showing what it means to pursue your goals with everything you've got, embodying the "Whatever It Takes" philosophy at every step.