971 MMA & Fitness Academy

Bhen Parado

Bhen Parado

Athletes Advisor

Background and Experience:

Coach Bhen has a rich history in team sports, having competed and coached at regional and national levels in the Philippines, particularly in table tennis and basketball. His early involvement in sports led to a role as a Sports Committee Member where he helped organize teams and train young athletes, guiding them to reach their fullest potential.

Training Philosophy

Teamwork and Collaboration

Bhen believes the collective effort of a team is crucial for success, stressing that individual actions impact the whole team.

Building Group Dynamics

He focuses on enhancing team dynamics and motivation, nurturing athletes to adopt a group perspective which is often overshadowed by individual pursuits.

Sustained Engagement

Encouraging continuous involvement and contribution from each team member, fostering a sense of belonging and shared objectives.

Coaching Style

Bhen adopts a holistic coaching approach, treating each athlete as an individual beyond their athletic capabilities. His style emphasizes personal growth, helping athletes improve their mental and emotional well-being alongside their physical skills.

Success Stories

One of Bhen’s proudest achievements is transforming young players who primarily played for themselves into a cohesive unit. Through motivation and team-building exercises, his teams have developed essential communication skills and synergy, which are crucial for successful play.

Motivation and Goals

Bhen’s passion for sports drives him to inspire his athletes to work hard and improve constantly. His goal as a coach is to ignite a similar passion in his athletes, making them eager to develop their skills and succeed.

Personal Touch

With a background in nursing and a profound understanding of human anatomy and nutrition, Bhen brings a unique perspective to coaching. He is CPR and First Aid certified, ensuring safety and proper care during training sessions. His outgoing nature and readiness to assist extend beyond the gym, providing valuable guidance in various aspects of health and fitness.

Vision for Students

01. Comprehensive Development

Bhen aims to develop well-rounded athletes who excel not just in their sport but also in life.

02. Focused Improvement

Tailoring training to individual needs, ensuring each athlete understands their role and grows within the team.

03. Strong Foundations

Building fundamental skills that serve athletes both on and off the field.

04. Lifelong Learning

Encouraging athletes to view sports as a continuous learning journey, enriching their personal and professional lives.

Coach Bhen’s approach at 971 MMA & Fitness Academy combines his extensive experience in team sports with a deep commitment to developing athletes who excel in teamwork, communication, and personal growth.