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Chloé Ann Guirey

Chloé Ann Guirey

Circuit Training, Boxing Full Body and Boxing Legs & Glute Class

Background and Experience:

From the UK, Coach Chloé has been immersed in Muay Thai since she was 5, thanks to her family's gym in London. She began competing at 11 and represented Team GB until 15. Shifting focus to coaching at 16, Chloé is passionate about inspiring especially young girls in combat sports, challenging the notion that Muay Thai is a "boys sport." Recently, she's returned to competing, aiming to elevate the sport further.

Training Philosophy

Mental and Physical Strength

Chloé emphasizes testing both mental and physical resilience, starting sessions with stretching and goal discussions to enhance lifestyle alongside fitness.

Lifelong Learning

She maintains her edge by engaging in seminars and continuous education, embracing the never-ending journey of learning and improvement in Muay Thai.

Holistic Approach

Beyond just training, Chloé focuses on lifestyle improvements, offering advice and resolutions to enhance overall well-being.

Coaching Style

Chloé values personal relationships with clients, tailoring her approach to their unique needs and pace, ensuring their well-being and goals are prioritized.

Success Stories

One standout transformation under Chloé s guidance includes a client who lost over 15kg, overcoming depression and significantly improving his quality of life.

Motivation and Goals

Chloé is motivated by teaching self-love and respect for one's body. She sets goals encouraging students to strive for incremental daily improvements, emphasizing progress over speed.

Personal Touch

Chloé's unique blend of empathy, passion, and dedication to personal improvement makes her a beloved coach. Her interests outside coaching include animal welfare, reading, and spending time outdoors.

Vision for Students

01. Personal Achievement

Chloé aims for students to achieve their individual fitness and personal goals, knowing they have a supportive coach in their corner.

02. Open Communication

She fosters an environment where students feel comfortable sharing and seeking advice, valuing the importance of listening and guiding.

03. Customized Training

Recognizing the diversity in skill levels, Chloé adapts each session to meet the specific needs and challenges of her clients.

04. Growth and Challenge:

Ensuring clients are appropriately challenged while also understanding their limits to prevent injuries and encourage consistent training.