971 MMA & Fitness Academy




Background and Experience:

Coach Ian began his career in the fitness industry in the early 2000s, but his ambition led him to earn a green beret as a Royal Marines Commando, where he excelled and was awarded the prestigious Diamond Award for top recruits. His exceptional dedication and skills also saw him set a record in a fitness test during the Special Forces selection process in 2008. Transitioning back to coaching, Ian has since applied his rigorous training and discipline to coaching athletes across various high-level competitions, including UFC, PFL, and ONE Championship, as well as training royalty and elite military personnel globally.

Training Philosophy

Dedication to Mastery

Ian’s philosophy centers on the commitment to continuous improvement—both as a coach and for his athletes. He believes in matching the dedication of his athletes, ensuring that he is as committed to his development as they are to theirs.

Hands-On Experience

He advocates for personal experience in every workout he prescribes, ensuring that he has firsthand knowledge of its effectiveness and demands.

Research-Driven Training

Ian continually updates his knowledge through rigorous study, including reviewing the latest research papers and books relevant to performance psychology and physical training.

Coaching Style

Ian's approach is informed by over two decades of experience and is grounded in Professor Sophia Jowett’s model of effective coaching relationships, which includes closeness, commitment, complementarity, and co-orientation. He emphasizes that he is a coach, not a cheerleader, focused on training rather than entertaining, with a meticulous method to exercise selection and prescription based on individual goals and assessments.

Success Stories

Ian has successfully guided numerous athletes to peak performances in premier global fighting championships. His coaching has been instrumental in their achievements, underscoring his effectiveness in applying psychological principles and rigorous physical training regimens tailored to high-stakes environments.

Motivation and Goals

Ian is driven by the pursuit of excellence and the satisfaction of seeing his athletes achieve their best. His goal is to provide top-tier, scientifically-backed, and experienced-tested training that pushes athletes to excel in their respective fields.

Personal Touch

Bringing a unique blend of military precision and elite sports performance coaching, Ian’s background enriches his coaching style, offering a disciplined yet innovative approach to training. His personal interests in performance psychology and mentoring infuse his coaching with a depth that supports athletes in all aspects of their development.

Vision for Students

01. Peak Performance

Ian aims to equip his students with the skills and mindset necessary to achieve peak performance in their disciplines.

02. Personalized Training

Each student’s training regimen is meticulously crafted to align with their specific goals and needs, ensuring personalized progress.

03. Resilient Mindset

Fostering a resilient mindset is central to Ian’s teaching, preparing students to face and overcome challenges.

04. Comprehensive Development

Ian’s vision extends beyond physical training, emphasizing the importance of psychological strength and strategic thinking in achieving overall success.

Coach Ian’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence make him a pivotal figure at 971 MMA & Fitness Academy, where he continues to influence and inspire a new generation of champions.