971 MMA & Fitness Academy

971 Martial Arts Summer Camp

971 Martial Arts Summer Camp

This summer, dive into a world of martial arts with the 971 Martial Arts Academy Summer Camp. Designed for young athletes aged 5 to 14, this camp combines fun, fitness, and foundational martial arts training in a vibrant and supportive environment.

Camp Highlights:

- Martial Arts Disciplines: Participants will engage in daily sessions of Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, and Judo.

- Fitness Activities: The camp includes fun games and fitness activities to boost physical health and martial arts skills.

- Professional Coaching: Experienced coaches will provide specialized training according to a structured curriculum

Key Details:


Monday to Friday, 4 PM to 6 PM, throughout July to August.


525 AED for one camp, 840 AED for two camps. Early bird registrants enjoy no registration fee.

Session Dates:

- 1st Camp: July 1 - July 5

- 2nd Camp: July 8 - July 12

- 3rd Camp: July 15 - July 19

- Continues weekly through August.

Why Join?

Skill Enhancement:

Improve martial arts techniques and overall fitness.

Social Interaction:

Meet and train with peers, fostering friendships.


Enjoy a summer filled with dynamic activities and learning opportunities.

Register now to secure your spot for a summer filled with martial arts learning and fun at 971 Martial Arts Academy!

Join the Adventure — Empower the Champion Within!



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    Client Testimonials

    Well designed gym, friendly coaches and staff, professional management, highly recommended, exceptional vibes , 971mma my second home 💪

    Mohammed Roami
    MMA Fighter

    Mounir is a confident, energy infectious and highly talented trainer and fighter; he carefully put together a program covering fitness, weights and technique and stepped it up each time as I progressed. Mounir knew when to push and when to slow down but more importantly give me the dedication and will to push further. I would strongly recommend as I never found time for the gym, but Muay Thai I made time ... Even my 11 year old daughter trains with Mounir!

    Ahmad Hadi Jebur
    MMA Fighter

    A place where you can call Home! Great atmosphere with a super Lovely welcoming and customer service! Highly recommended ❤️

    Manon Ouaiss
    Muay thai Fighter

    I have been training in Muay Thai for almost 2 years, and only recently (the past 4 months) with coach jasser. He pays attention to technique and now I find myself healthier, disciplined and confident. Muay Thai has boosted my tolerance and stamina, it's great cardio!

    Tarek Haffar
    Pro Fighter 971 MMA

    It’s the best fitness experience I ever got from the moment one walks in to Fitness area to the warm goodbye smile you hear on way out… with a “see you tomorrow”encouragement. Love the vibes, the warmth and the welcoming fitness ambiance

    Jemarie Carino
    Muay thai fighter

    I've had many personal training sessions with Ali motie and I have to say I absolutely love those sessions. Whether you're an absolute beginner or pro-fighter, Ali will gradually build up your technique and endurance through a specialized program. While those sessions are fun, be careful because you'll be grasping for breath after the first 10 minutes. Ali will motivate and push you to your limits. He has helped me build up my MMA game and take it to the next level. He's a monster in the cage, really motivated and motivating the gym, but most importantly, he's a very polite, decent, and respectful gentlemen. I really enjoy his company.

    Milod Issa
    Muay thai fighter

    I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible three-month journey I’ve had at 971mma gym. From the very beginning, coach Ian dedication and expertise were evident. With Ian guidance, I’ve achieved results that I never thought possible. Not only have I seen a significant improvement in my physical fitness, but my confidence and overall well-being have also skyrocketed. Ian tailored workouts, advice, and constant motivation were instrumental in this transformation. What sets 971mma apart is not just the knowledge but also the genuine care for their clients. They provided unwavering support, even on the toughest days, pushing me to my limits and beyond. Ian positivity and enthusiasm are contagious, making each session something to look forward to. The gym environment they create is welcoming and supportive, making it a place where I felt comfortable pushing my boundaries. Ian attention to detail and commitment to my success were evident every step of the way. Great gym with a premium look and feel. Wonderful staff that is always happy to help with my workouts

    Antonio samarani
    Muay thai fighter

    It is the most perfect GYM in Dubai Beginning with warm reception from lovely smiling staff. The coaches are all professional and so friendly, Specially coach John Mitchel who provides me a the best programme of training with amazing techniques and secret tips from his long experience in MMA. Coach john is a professional and world class fighter, he supervised me in the complimentary 2 free session given by the GYM and it was great experience. The GYM equipments were very modern , also it admire me the standard of cleaning they have and the all facilities are completely available .

    Gabriel Moity
    BJJ Fighter

    Great gym, everything is brand new, lot of coaches, MMA, boxing and other classes and good location.

    Rim Al-Jabi
    Muay thai Fighter