971 MMA & Fitness Academy

Azamat “Ozzy” Dugulubgov

Azamat “Ozzy” Dugulubgov

Pro MMA Team Coach

Background and Experience:

Azamat "Ozzy" Dugulubgov's martial arts journey began in his native Russia, where he excelled in Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling. As a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the renowned Team Renzo Gracie, Ozzy's transition into a decorated MMA fighter was marked by multiple championships. As a coach, his proudest moments include mentoring fighters to achieve competitive goals, including leading athletes to regional titles and top MMA rankings.

Training Philosophy

Mental Strength & Physical Skill

Ozzy believes in the balance between mental toughness and physical capabilities, emphasizing that one complements the other in martial arts mastery.

Continuous Learning

He commits to lifelong learning, constantly updating his knowledge with the latest techniques and strategies in martial arts.

Psychological Strategies

Incorporating sports psychology into training, Ozzy ensures his students are mentally prepared for both competition and daily life challenges.

Coaching Style

Describing his coaching style as both technical and inspirational, Ozzy focuses on bringing out the best in his students by emphasizing the importance of discipline, strategy, and mental resilience.

Success Stories

Ozzy takes pride in his students' transformations, with success stories like grooming novices to compete successfully at the national level and helping professional fighters enhance their skills for international contests.

Motivation and Goals

What drives Ozzy is the potential he sees in each student. His goal is not just to teach martial arts but to inspire life-changing confidence and ambition in his students.

Personal Touch

Ozzy brings a unique perspective to the 971 MMA & Fitness Academy team with his rich competitive background and a deep understanding of sports psychology. His passions outside the academy include contributing to the growth of martial arts through his training center and fighting league.

Vision for Students

01. Beyond Martial Arts

Aiming for students to gain more than skills, focusing on personal growth and self-improvement.

02. Self-Belief

Instilling confidence and determination in students, encouraging them to believe in their potential.

03. Tailored Approach

Adapting his teaching to meet the diverse needs of his students, ensuring inclusivity and engagement for all skill levels.

04. Lifelong Learning

Encouraging a mindset of continuous development, both in and out of the academy.